Trouble Shooting in flexography

Chattermarks (flexography)

In this article we explain how chattermarks occure in flexography and how to avoid them.

Chattermarks (flexography)

Reasons for chattermarks
Chattermarks occur diagonally to the web running direction. Chattermarks are often a problem of worn bearings or gears, especially when the stripes are in line with the drive system. Other reasons may be the ink system, including the pump, and the contact pressure settings of the printing plate and anilox roller. If colourless streaks appear, it is possible that the printing plate and impression cylinder are temporarily out of contact. This may be due to a poorly balanced cylinder and/or an incorrect layout of the printing plate.

Solutions to chattermarks:

  • Print pressure adjustment between anilox roller and plate cylinder is incorrect. Check and adjust if necessary.
  • Examine the press for worn bearings, worn gears and other defects.
  • High press speeds can cause shocks between plate cylinder and anilox, reduce press speed.
  • Check the design layout of the printing plate for gaps, etc., and adjust it for a new plate if necessary.

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