Trouble Shooting in gravure print

Positive doctor blade lines (gravure print)

In this article we explain how positive doctor blade lines occure in garvure print and how to avoid them.

Positive doctor blade lines (gravure print)

Positive doctor blades usually move with the oscillation of the blade. Clearly visible and continuous in engraved and non-engraved areas. This problem usually comes from contamination of ink or equipment such as ink tanks, attachments and outdated filters. Incorrect finishing in copper or chrome can be a reason, but also damage to the doctor blade bevel.

Solutions to positive doctor blade lines:

  • Check the paint for impurities and foreign particles, as well as clogged filters. Use a clean ink tray before starting printing and replace the ink if necessary.
  • Check the doctor bevel for damage and replace the doctor blade.
  • Check doctor bevel for dirt and remove the bevel with a doctor blade and carefully polish the printing cylinder with fine sandpaper.
  • Check the gravure cylinder for correct roughness values in the chrome and copper, if necessary polish or replace the cylinder.

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