Sawmill industry

Cracks in the base body (sawn timber capping)

Cracks in the base body (sawn timber capping)

The customer notices cracks in the saw blade during the dismantlement of the chop saw.
Tip: Generally, a broken/ripped/cracked saw blade should be replaced and not used any further.

This error could have been caused by the following:

  • Improper/invalid sharpening of the tooth shape in the case of CV-saws
    Solution: in case of future re-sharpening consider prober sharpening of the tooth shape
  • Carbide tipped edging saws tend to crack at rotary slots. Due to small tooth projection the saw combusts in its outer area, which leads to the formation of cracks at rotary slots.
    Solution: For future re-sharpening bear a timely service in mind to ensure a sharp tooth with sufficient tooth projection.

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