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Cutting quality (Three way trimmer knives)

Cutting quality (Three way trimmer knives)

Problems with the cutting quality can be caused by micro-breakouts, glue residue at the knives, Farbabschmierungen, oil impressions from white oil or the backrest knife.

If the cutting quality of your three-way trimmer is not satisfactory, the first step is to examine the knifes’ sharpness. It is possible that the knife is too sharp. In that case, carefully hone the knife with a Schneidleiste or a soft object. As appropriate, the geometry or the cutting angle has to be adjusted.

Recommendation: Use a sharp angle with small grammages and an abtuse angle with high grammages.

In the case of glue residue on the three-way trimmer we recommend to let glue and color dry sufficiently. If this is not possible, our non-stick coating aids effectively against residue. In some cases, a different geometry in combination with our new wave grinding is auxiliary. This patented grinding technology improves the knifes’ geometry, resulting in less friction during the cutting process and an improved flow of material. It furthermore decreases the downtime.

The next factor tob e examined are the Schneidleisten. Do you use the correct Schneidleiste in combination with the knifes’ quality?

Our Recommendation:
  • The qualities Durapid, Duritan & Duratec are best combined with a Polypropylen Schneidleiste with a hardness of 75-78 Shore D.
  • The hardmetall qualities Incomet Supreme & UltraCut are best combined with a Polyamid Schneidleiste with a hardness of 81-83 Shore D.
  • We recommend the combination of full Schneidleisten with our three-way trimmer knives!


Please examine the knifes‘ immersion depth into the Schneidleiste as well.
Our Recommendation for optimal immersion depth:

  • Immersion depth of 0,1 mm at the maximum
  • Regularly change orr turn the Schneidleisten 

Furthermore we recommend the regular maintenance, including regrinding and realigning of your backrest knife.


Mikroausbrüche(Micro) Breakouts

Leimausbrüche at the knife

undefined-4Aufplatzungen am Buchrücken


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