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When do we talk about durability problems?

We’re talking about durability problems, if your knife does not achieve the requested durability or the cutting capacity of a new knife decreases just after a few applications.

How can you improve the durability?

We distinguish, if the problem occurs with new knives or re-grinded knives.

New Knives:
Examine your knife quality in regard to the clippings. (Durapid, Duritan, Incomet Supreme) Is a quality update e.g. from Duritan to Incomet Supreme possible?
If the quality is chosen correctly, but the problems with durability still maintain, you should check the knife’s geometry.

General Tip: Use a more pointed angle at smaller grammage and a duller angle at higher grammage.

Re-grinded Knives:
Check the knife’s sharpness. If the knife is dull, let it be re-grinded and straightened professionally.

Indications for dull knives:
  • The cutting quality decreases
  • Notches in the clippings
  • The cut is cumbersome and louder than usual


The next testing parameter are the Schneidleisten. Are you using the right Schneidleiste for the existing knife’s quality?

Our recommendation:

  • Use a Polypropylen Schneidleiste with a Hardness of 75-78 Shore D for the qualities Durapid, Duritan & Duratec
  • Use a Polyamid Schneidleiste with a hardness of 81-83 Shore D for the carbide qualities Incomet Supreme & UltraCut.


Please also examine the correct immersion depth of the Schneidleiste.

Our recommendation for an ideal immersion depth:

  • Immersion depth of the knife into the Schneidleiste maximal 0,1 mm
  • Change or turn your Schneidleiste regularly


Check the contact pressure.

Our recommendation of an ideal contact pressure:

  • Please use a higher contact pressure for soft papers
  • Please use a lower contact pressure for harder papers.









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