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Knife breaks

Knife breaks

Due to many possible causes chipper knives or counter knives can break.

Foreign bodies in the wood/woodchips
  • the broken knife has to be exchanged. An inspection of the metal detectors is recommended to avoid foreign bodies within the wood
Faults during re-grinding/re-sharpening of the knife (grinding dryly, too large positioning, wrong angle, ...)
  • Inspection of every parameter (cooling, positioning, abrasives)
Poor attachment/ fixation/ installation of the knife within the machine
  • Inspection and (if necessary,) cleansing of contact surfaces; adherence of installation parameters as specified by the manufacturer
Micro-cracks within the knife due to the production process did not stand out
  • hard to detect and often barely visible (only by magnetic particle inspection)
Too high toughness
  • Choose a smaller toughness for the future
    (recommendation for chipper knives 55-57 HRc and for counter knives 53-55 HRc)

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