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Knife cracks

Knife Cracks (Wood processing)

The chipper/flaker knives sometimes break which might have various reasons:

1) The chipper knife hits foreign matters or impurities (for example metal/bearing balls/stones...)

This foreign matter can reach into the chipper machine when it passed the steel detector at the beginning of the process chain. When the knife hits steel / stones normally there will be outbreaks on the cutting edge. This cannot be avoided, unfortunately.

2) Improper regrinding from customer might also cause knife cracks

3) Improper knife installation

  • First of all you have to check the steel detector and cleaning of the wood. Regarding the knife a lower hardness or a different and very low steel grade may reduce the outbreak.
  • Check for suitable grinding abrasives and/or cooling during regrinding process. TKM can assist and give recommendations ad 3) Knives might not fit 100% into the holder. Customer must check and clean the knife holder.

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