Plywood Industry

Rough Veneer Surface

Rough Veneer Surface

Target of most customers in the veneer and plywood industry is to achieve a smooth surface on the veneer sheets.


  • Peeled veneer sheets for plywood core in mass production are not so critical regarding surface
  • Rough cut in slicing veneer on purpose as a special requested surface for niche products

Reasons for rough surface:

  1. 1. Insufficient grinding and honing of the cutting edge
  2. 2. Steel quality of the knife
  3. 3. blunt knife
  4. 4. pressure bar too sharp
  5. 5. wrong knife angle
  6. 6. Single scratches (rough spots) caused by damaged cutting edges

ad 1) Make sure to follow TKM grinding recommendations
ad 2) Ask TKM for knife quality recommendation
ad 3) Knife has to be re-sharpened in time
ad 4) The cutting edge execution of the pressure bar needs to be as per OEM recommendation. If needed, TKM is able to offer support.
ad 5) Knife angle has to be adjusted to the wood species
ad 6) Small scratches or rough spots can be removed by using the TKM Refreshment-Kit inside the machine without dismounting the knife.

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