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Varying Thickness of Veneer

Varying Thickness of Veneer

Mainly in peeling operation seen direct after the sheets are peeled.

  1. Possible reasons for varying thickness:

    1. wrong knife and/or pressure bar set-up
    2. Small chippings (dent) on the cutting edge of the knife during operation.
    Very often the operator stops the machine and tries to rework the affected area leaving the knife in the machine. By doing so normally the cutting edge is not 100% straight and thus the thickness of the veneer sheets is varying.
    3. Poor condition of regrinding machines on customer side resulting in a lack of edge straightness causing varying thickness of veneer sheets.

ad 1) The cutting gap between knife and pressure bar is not straight/parallel. Customer has to check the gap in total length and adjust the set-up.
ad 2) Take out the knife and regrind in maintenance room. If the thickness variety is not too big after hand grinding then the TKM Refreshment-Kit can be useful to have a more equal cutting edge.
ad 3) Check and maintain / repair the regrinding machine, if needed. TKM can support you in this case.

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