Saws and Tools for the Sawmill Industry

Accessories for Circular Saw Blades

TKM supplies needed accessories such as limiting milling cutter, distance rings, tungsten carbide tips for all common manufacturers:

Product description
  • Limiting milling cutter tungsten carbide tipped
  • Distance rings made from steel and aluminium (tolerance ±0,01)
  • Tungsten carbide tips with or without solder

Accessories for Circular Saw Blades

The customer-specific design and precise manufacturing of our circular saws is only one part of meeting the high demands of the modern sawing process. Another important aspect is the working environment of the circular saw. Here, in addition to the interaction of our different types of circular saws on a drive shaft, the correct distance between them and their permanent support during the cutting process is also important.

For this reason, we also concentrate on the production of the necessary distance rings, limiting milling cutters and guiding plates. In this way we are able to offer our customers completely individualized product solutions at any time, which in combination with our circular saws, unlock the full potential of your saw mill production.

Technical features

Tolerances ± 0,5 (Outside-Ø) +0,04/+0,08 (Bore) ± 0,01/±0,02 (Thickness)
Surfaces Ra 3,2 (Outside-Ø) Ra 1,6 (Bore) Ra 0,8 - 1,6 (Thickness)
Material 1,2003/S355/AW2007    
Hardness 47 + 3 HRC or unhardened    


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