Knives for the Tissue Converting Industry

CBN grinding wheels

TKM produces a wide variety of CBN grinding wheels, engineered to complement our harder log saw blade.

We offer high-quality CBN grinding wheels for all types of machines such as:

✔ Fabio Perini ✔ PCMC
✔ Futura ✔ CMG (Gambini)
✔ Kawanoe Zoki ✔ Bretting
✔ Bao Suo ✔ Dechangyu
✔ MTC and others


  • In-house production
  • Customized Solutions



Important characteristics of the TKM CBN grinding wheels

TKM grinding wheels produce fewer sparks
TKM wheels are more aggressive, thus creating sharper and longer lasting cutting edges
TKM wheels are less sensitive to contamination, requiring less cleaning and dressing

Frequently asked question about TKM CBN grinding wheels
Why does a blade manufacturer also produce CBN grinding wheels?
In-house production has three main advantages:

  • Ensuring 100% consistent quality
  • Continuous development of new grinding wheels
  • Optimum adaptation of CBN grinding wheels to TKM Log Saw blades
Are there different grain sizes?

Yes, TKM produces grinding wheels in all common grit sizes, from B46 (320 grit) to B151 (100 grit).

What does the letter "C" in the specification mean?

The letter "C" means concentration. This is a measure of the weight of CBN grains per cubic centimetre.

Example: C75 means: 3.3 carat CBN grains/cm³

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