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Circular Saw Blades for Pre-Cutting

We have specialized in providing each of our customers with the optimal precision tool for their respective application.

Through consistent research and development work together with our customers, the TKM Group produces the optimum saw blade for your application.

The TKM Group supplies circular saw blades for pre-cutting of all well-known sawmill machine manufacturers.


Circular Saw Blades for Pre-Cutting

The process of pre-cutting is challenging the circular saw in several ways. On one hand there is the natural inhomogeneity of wood with its variations in density and solidity, on the other hand there are the process-related constantly changing cutting-patterns and -heights, which request a high precision tool.

The main attributes of our circular saw blades for pre-cutting are strong precision and high durability, to enable the best basis for the following production steps!

Executions and Specifications

  • SOLID (made from full material, grounded or milled)
  • RIV (two part saw blade connected by rivets)
  • SWITCH (two part saw blade connected by screws)
  • All Executions tungsten carbide or stellite tipped
  • Various tooth shapes (Variotoothing and much more)
  • Various Surfaces
  • Up to Ø 700 mm, for single-arbor machines up to 1200 mm

Saw blade type RIV

Our active customer relations and our continuous product enhancement resulted in the development of our own saw blade type "RIV", a two-part, riveted pre-cutting saw blade.

Its usage results in a permanent reduction of vibrations, as well as an optimal performance of tension, all while the saw blade itself is produced even more sustainable.

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