Knives and Cutting Tools for the Postpress Industry

Paper Cutting Knives

We produce TKM Paper Cutting Knives for all commercial machine types: 

✔ Maxima ✔ Schneider Senator
✔ Perfecta ✔ Wohlenberg
✔ Polar and others

TKM Paper Cutting Knives ensure optimal cutting results and service lifetimes.

Special materials such as aluminum offset plates, banknotes and digital printing paper require special bevel configurations.


Comparison of service life (knife quality vs. lifetime)

Quality TKM Quality Service lifetime
Standard Durapid 1
12 % Chrome steel Chromalit 1,5 - 2
18 % W.HSS Steel
(High speed steel)
Duritan > 3
Powder Steel Duratec 4 - 6
Carbide Standard   > 10
Carbide Fine Grain   > 15
Carbide Fine Grain Incomet Supreme > 30
Carbide Ultra Fine Grain Ultra Cut > 60


Paper Cutting Knife tolerances
Tolerances of Paper Cutting Knives
Straightness of cutting edge
0,1 mm / 1000 mm
Polished surface

< RA 0,1 µm


0,1 mm / 1000 mm


0,1 mm

Cutting Sticks for Paper Cutting Knives

Matching Cutting sticks

Cutting sticks are used with Guillotine and Three-Way Trimmer knives. They need to have the right hardness, wear-resistance and tolerance. The proper penetration depth (< 0,01mm) is influencing the lifetime of the knife. It is recommended to turn or change the cutting stick regularly. TKM cutting sticks are fitting perfectly to the offered knife qualities.

Quality TKM Quality Hardness Shore D Application for:
Polypropylene (PP) Durapid 75 - 78 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine
Polypropylene (PP)


75 - 78 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine
Polyamid (PA) Incomet Supreme/Ultra Cut 81 - 83 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine

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