Products for the food industry

Scraping knives

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different qualities
  • Coatings possible
  • Modification of the cutting geometry possible
  • Knives are cleanly sharpened
  • Possible damage is sanded down
  • The knives are sharpened in accordance with the agreed specifications

Scraping knives

Production in the food industry is varied and very demanding, partly due to the products and the applicable goods legislation.

Scraping knives in the food industry must therefore meet various requirements. They can be manufactured according to given specifications, but also according to self-developed cutting geometries, be made of different materials or equipped with a coating suitable for the desired application.

Scraping blades are subject to heavy wear during their operation. It therefore regularly happens that damage has to be grinded out and that the blades have to be grinded completely to their original shape. In addition, there are various possibilities to improve the service life, such as adjusting the geometry or coating.

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