Knives for the Tissue Converting Industry

Products for the Tissue
Converting Industry

✔ Maximum service life ✔ Optimal cutting edges ✔ Reduced dust formation


Tissue Paper Service Package

Our main focus is to keep your production processes running safely.

We support you locally with a team of trained engineers to keep downtime and inconvenience to a minimum.

In addition we offer you:
✔ Basics of cutting technology and materials science
✔ Technical cutting workshops
✔ User-specific on-site training (currently also available via video conference)
✔ Materials Science


Due to the support of TKM's technical support team, we were able to increase the number of cuts per Log Saw Blade from an average of 750,000 to 1,380,000.


Fully Automated Production meets Traditional Craft.

TKM GmbH in Remscheid is the world market leader in the field of circular knives for the tissue paper industry. Did you know that despite fully automated production processes, every single knife has to be straightened manually?

No? Well, that's how it is. The work of the knife straightener is a traditional profession in the region of the Bergisch Land and requires a maximum of accuracy, love to detail and instinct.

Starting with the classic visual inspection with the help of a ruler, followed by digital measurements with an extreme accuracy, it is ultimately the knife straightener who produces the perfect knife with targeted hammer blows.

We would like to invite you on a little journey to our Straightening Shop:

TKM, Messerrichter Webseite (klein)


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