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Fire caused by flying sparks

Fire caused by flying sparks

When log saw blades are ground it naturally produces sparks, this cannot be prevented. But there are measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk of fire associated with the log saw.

It’s a fact: The tool steel blade used to cut tissue logs has to be incredibly sharp to produce the desired cut quality. Regular grinding and the correct grinding parameters is very crucial. During this process the CBN stones come in contact with the tool steel blade causing small but sometimes hazardous sparks. Fire risk in a log saw or a tissue converting operation is very dangerous to the operation and it’s people.

TKM HELPS | Reduce the risk of fire:

  • This starts with training about the importance of housekeeping. The fire starts by a spark that becomes embedded into the face of the CBN stone. If proper housekeeping is not followed there will be a buildup of lubricant, glue, grinding dust, and paper dust inside of the CBN stone. The spark created by grinding the tool steel log saw will become embedded into this buildup which creates the fire risk, oxygen plus heat plus fuel creates the fire situation. Training the operational team to blow out and clean the CBN stones and grinding system area is the start of the elimination of fire.
  • Housekeeping needs to continue with the rest of the saw house. The paper, paper dust, cookies, and other tissue paper left inside the saw house or on the floor is a perfect fuel for the ember that is released from the CBN stone to start a fire.
  • Proper lubricant needs to be used. Oil based lubricants, or lubricants where the water and chemical in the lubricant separate cause the collection of the other contaminants inside the CBN stone. It is best to use a lubricant that does not separate and dries quickly enough not to cause the buildup. TKM has developed this type of lubricant and has been successful in helping converting operations eliminate fire hazards.

    If you are seeing fires, please contact your TKM technical support specialist to help you eliminate this issue.

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