High Knife Wear

High Knife Wear

What are possible causes of an increased knife wear?

Causes for an increased knife wear:

  • Thick or thin scales
  • Knife overlap Rotationsschneider/ counter knives
  • Defective setting parameters (or defective grinding service)
  • Dull / geometric incorrect cutting tools
  • Wrong / defective cutting tools, which are not adjusted to product to be cut 

How can one improve the durability and cutting quality?
TKM develops Rotationsschneider for Rotationsabnahmesysteme, which correspond to the OEM variety or are adjusted precisely to the product to be cut. The idea of the TKM Rotationsschneider is to develop a higher durability for the user and better cutting qualities for the cutting applications. It makes no difference, if thin or thick scales, different paper grammages or other manufacturing conditions are on hand, the product is always ideally designed for little wear and high durability. Furthermore, TKM offers comprehensive service, which focuses on the tools’ adjustment as well as a comprehensive re-grinding service.

Our recommendation:
TKM Rotationsschneider




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