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Book production with TKM

The process of "Book binding" is the final manufacturing step after completing the printing process and before receiving the finished book. 
After the printed sheets were sorted and joined together, the book blocks are milled, cut and prepared for the cover. 

Now it´s our turn. The printed sheets are merged into a stack, the so-called "book block".
Our TKM Shredder heads are used to level and roughen the book spine to ensure an optimal adhesive application.

After the book spine was shaped, the three remaining pages need to be cut.

This step is executed by our TKM Three trimmer knives and is particularly demanding due to the issue of glue buildup on the blade.

It is highly necessary that the book block is glued prior to the cutting process - in order to ensure a secure and strong connection towards the book spine and prevent the book block from shifting. Dispersion adhesives, hot-melt adhesives or any polyurethane-based adhesives are used for the gluing process.

The final step is the integration of the book blocks into a book cover. Softcovers mostly consist of connected parts of elastic cardboard or fabrics. Hardcovers consist of four parts: two book covers, book spine and cover fabric.


Thanks to the installation of the TKM high-performance leveller in our machine park, we continue to mill optimal book spines and reduce our costs at the same time! Many thanks to TKM for the great product and top advice.

quote iconMr. Hallmann, Head of Operational Engineering at Friedrich Pustet GmbH & Co. KG

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