products for the textile industry

Fabric/textile drills

  • Available in different qualities and coatings
  • Coating to improve the service life is possible
  • Can be adapted and supplied to customer-specific requirements
  • Available with Teflon® coating

Fabric/textile drill

Fabric or textile drills are indispensable in the manufacturing process. They are exposed to high speeds and temperatures and therefore have to meet a variety of requirements. The drills are manufactured to agreed specifications, with the possibility of supplying them in different qualities, such as Tungsten Quattro® or with a Teflon® coating.

The fabric and textile drills are ground into shape on the outside, so that they can easily pierce through the material again and it can be disposed of in an optimal way. By applying a special coating, the tool life is improved and possible problems, such as sticking, can be avoided.

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