Knives for the Veneer and Plywood Industry

Veneer Slicing and Peeling Knives

The TKM Group supplies veneer slicing and peeling knives for the production of veneer that meet all requirements: OEM quality for constant veneer thickness, smooth surface without discoloration, low cutting effort and therefore intact wood structure over the entire cross section. Extended regrinding intervals with low warpage and good sanding properties for thin and thick cuts.

For all common machine manufacturers, such as:

✔ Babcock ✔ Capital
✔ Corali ✔ Cremona
✔ Fezer ✔ Jusan
✔ Kellar RFR ✔ Raute
✔ and others  



Veneer Slicing and Peeling Knives

The main goals of "peeling" and "slicing" consistent veneer center upon a precision perfect cut which directly influences the grade and the dimensional properties of the final product.
Accordingly TKM veneer slicing and peeling knives are both manufactured according to the highest possible standards for state-of-the-art industrial cutting tools. Application specific selections of raw materials, in-house custom heat treating processes and cutting geometries tailored to each customer application ensure that our veneer slicing and peeling knives deliver the best possible cutting quality and extended life-time.

Further benefits are veneer thickness consistency combined with a smooth, homogeneous surface without discoloration or damage to the unique wood structure.

In addition, the customer specific design of our knives brings reduced cutting machine effort, lower power consumption and fewer knife changes when producing veneers in thick and thin cut­ting ranges.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions Length up to 6000 mm, width up to 250 mm
Hardness Standard 56 ... 60 +- 1 HRc
Tolerances Cutting edge straightness [mm]: <3000 = 0,5 / >3000 = 1,0
Heat Treatment solid or partially hardened
Surface Characteristics up to Ra 0,25 µm


Executions and Specifications

As critical as selecting the best log and wood quality is for our customers, so is the highest attainable alloy steel purity essential for the production of our knives. Given our decades of experience, three principal qualities are followed based on cutting and application variables:

  • Compalloy / Compound: with high-performance steel inlay
  • Solid / Ventan S: through hardened made from high-performance steel
  • Novacrom / Antannin: through hardened and stain resistance made from high-performance chrome steel
  • Individual special versions



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